Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Burda - 7136

Pattern:  Burda - 7136 (View A)
Size: 40
Fabric: 2.5M 45" Local Cotton (Nagoya)
  • Top stitching was hand stitched with Perle No. 8
  • Added a pleat at the centre back 

Monday, 27 May 2013

Inspiration & WIP

I went fabric shopping last week and bought (among others) a piece of border fabric.  I'm thinking about a simple top from Burda magazine.  I like the clean lines of this design.

I've been working on upgrading my everyday home wear wardrobe to more items that are sewn by me.  I do already have some but they weren't very coordinated or well planned.

Here are fabrics already cut for 3 pairs of shorts and a Colette's Sorbetto blouse.  The Sorbetto is essentially a sleeveless top so I've modified the sleeve pattern made by Claire.  Will see if the sleeves fit well.  But before I add on the sleeves I need to get some nice green bias binding tape.

Maria Denmark - Yasmin Yoke Skirt

Pattern:  Maria Denmark - Yasmin Yoke Skirt
Size: XL (reduced waist measurements)
Fabric: 0.9M of 60" wide wool fabric

  • Underlined with cotton voile
  • Contrasting fabric for waist and pocket facings

 Just the love the contrasting bits of fabrics.  And wool is such a pleasure to work with.

Pattern:  Maria Denmark - Yasmin Yoke Skirt
Size: XL (reduced waist measurements)
Fabric: 1.2M of 60" wide cotton fabric (Nagoya)

  • Underlined with cotton voile
  • In-seam pockets

Burda - Andre Shorts

Pattern: Burda - Andre Shorts
Size: XL
Fabric: 1.2M of 45" width local cotton fabric (Kamdar)

  • French seam for the front and centre back
  • Added in-seam pockets  
  • Amended pattern so that the sides are cut straight

Added a silly label so that the back is easily identifiable!

And another in brown.

These are my TNT (tried and true) patterns.  It's easy because there are really no fuss about fitting as garter waist bands normally are.  I used a 1" wide elastic. I have another pair already sewn in black linen which feels really nice and 3 more pairs all cut.  These 4 pair of shorts will be longer in length and they'll be worn for home and going to the shops or the market nearby. Great everyday home wear.

Please forgive my clothes pin ... quite ugly indeed.  I am still looking  for some nice wooden skirt hangers :(