Monday, 8 July 2013

Hawthorn - WIP

Pattern: Colette - Hawthorn
Size: 12
Version: 1
Fabric: 1.6M 60" Cotton/Linen blend (Nagoya)
Cost: RM24.80/M with 20% discount

  • Used store bought bias binding for the sleeves instead of making cuffs
 I auditioned a lace collar but thought otherwise.  Maybe on white fabric it would not look so contrasting.

 With interfacing I interfaced a rough shape of the fabric before I cut my pattern.  This way I need to only cut the pattern once and don't have to fiddle with the interfacing matching my cut fabric.

 Before sewing the collar on I added my 'signature' saddle stitch all around with Perle No 8.

 Bodice completed with some buttons to check on the effect.

 With the peplum skirt sewn.  What's left is to hem the sleeves, sew on the bias binding for the hem and stitch that and add the buttons. 

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  1. Gorgeous! You are making some lovely garments.
    This is my favourite so far.