Sunday, 22 September 2013

Grainline - Scout Woven Tee

Pattern: Grainline - Scout Woven Tee
Size: 12
Fabric: 2M 45" Local Polyester (Kamdar)
Cost: RM5.00 / M

  • Used store bought satin bias binding
  • Bias binding for neckline
  • Seams are French seamed including sleeve seams 
  • Garter 3/4 sleeve
  • Narrow 1/4" hem
  • The fabric was labeled Silk Viscose. I knew it wasn't, not at RM5.00/M!
  • I figured since this fabric is quite flowy, it'll benefit more with a narrow hem
  • The sleeve is a franken sleeve from Wiksten Tova.  I cut the cuff wrongly :( so I opted for the garter sleeve instead ... easy peasy

Used a bodkin to insert the elastic