Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Introducing the Kiyomi Bag Pattern

I've long admired these Japanese bags.  However I've wanted to put my own spin on the design.  My goal was to have a versatile bag that can be casual or heavily embellished. Also I wanted a large base for our purses and mobile devices. And of course knitters and crocheters to carry their small projects.

The Kiyomi bag is fully lined and reversible.  A perfect sewing project for confident beginners that can be completed in a few delightful hours.  It contains full sized templates and 12 pages of detailed instructions with clear step by step B&W photos.

The Kiyomi bag pattern is now 15% off through 31st March 2016.

For Malaysian residents you can purchase the pattern from my Facebook via desktops.  And for non-Malaysian residents Etsy.