Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Colette - Sorbetto

Pattern: Colette - Sorbetto
Size: 12
Fabric: 1M of 60" width embroidered cotton fabric (Nagoya)
  • Bias binding is hand stitched to the inside
  • Used bias binding to hem the blouse 
  • Added 1" to the length  
  • French seams are used for the side seams
It was rather tricky when cutting the pattern.  I had just enough in width and only used the border for the front piece.  Since this fabric has a scalloped embroidered border I should have taken the diameter of the hem into consideration instead of the length of the garment.

I've always loved these sheer like cotton fabrics and decided not to underline it since it will loose it's soft drape, besides I rather it remains thin for this warm weather.

My haberdashery did not stock my preferred bias binding brand Dolphin in white.  What they had in white was the Carnation brand.  I find the Dolphin brand to have a wider bias binding fold as compared to Carnation.  That way I am able to sew a slightly wider seam to the fabric. Also the Carnation brand was a mix of polyester and cotton instead of all cotton, only 2.5M instead of 3M and the joins were horribly done.  So I settled for light beige Dolphin brand.

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