Friday, 19 April 2013

Fabric Shopping

I spend most of my time at home and I figured it's about time to plan on sewing some tops and shorts for myself.   It's been quite hot here in KL.  Cotton and linen are my go to fabrics and the most practical in this weather.  I sew mostly everyday casual wear as there is practically no fancy events that I attend apart from the occasional client meeting.

However I do sew some work clothes for my sis and clients which ensures I get a bit of variety of garments to sew.  And there's also plans of sewing some ready-to-wear for sale in the shop.

So I did some garment shopping at Nagoya Jalan TAR this week and I got some cottons.  I did take a quick peek at Harissons but there was no sale this month but the sales lady said that they'll be one in May. I love the Japanese printed cotton that they sell and I think I may succumb and buy some next month.

For sleeveless and short sleeved pullover tops

Jeans fabric for shorts and the rest are for skirts

Their a mix of inexpensive and mid range quality cotton which is clearly reflected in it's price from RM5 to RM20/M.

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