Sunday, 31 January 2016

Children's Clothing

Now how cute is that?!  And their so tiny too.  I am making some shop samples to be displayed at Yee Button.  I have been working behind the scenes on developing a course of children's clothing classes.  It's been lots of work and very exciting at the same time. Sewing bias binding around the itty-bitty armhole was rather fiddly.  But as always the end result is just a joy.

The class will cover pattern drafting and sewing the garment.  Sometimes a child is thin but tall, sometimes the little one has a tummy :)  Hence with learning how to draft your own patterns it frees you from relying on designers' patterns and make the necessary adjustments to fit the particular child's measurements.    Pattern drafting is not rocket science.  All steps will be broken into small digestible chunks.  The skills you learn in drafting and sewing will be applicable to adult garments.  The concept is the same.  You're just working on a smaller scale :) 

With the sewing of these basic dresses under your belt ... think embellishments, think variations or hacks.  So many options to mix and match. 

In the course of studying children's garments, I found that children's clothes can cost as much or higher than adults.  Can't wrap my mind around that.  Also found the workmanship wanting.  Sorry, I am a little OCD in that department.  The designs were 'crowded' ... a case of more is too much.  With the economy the way it is, taking up sewing makes a lot of sense.  Because garment sewing is still a human labour intensive process you might one to get onboard the ethics train of sewing your own garments instead of  supporting mega companies employing workers in slave like conditions.  I am sure you are aware of these global issues.

Because children grow so fast,  you can sew some everyday clothes with reasonably priced ranged cotton fabrics.  Keep a lookout for sales.  The good thing is the little garments don't need much fabric!  Save the better cotton fabrics for special occasions.

Also in my children's clothing classes pipeline are T-Shirts and dresses in knit fabrics, shorts / pants for both boys and girls and special occasion dresses for the little women in our lives.

Some of the fabrics that I will be working on for more children's clothing.  Play with contrast colours, knits ... my head is exploding with ideas!  The sewing classes will be labeled for Advanced Beginners.  If you are interested in sewing children's clothes and have not used the sewing machine before, then please consider signing up for beginner classes prior.  My confirmed classes can be found here.   Please check back for these children's clothing classes as their scheduled to start in March 2016 ... I better get sewing! :)

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