Monday, 25 January 2016

My Backyard

Well not literally ... but close ... 20mins walk close.  The Forest Reserve Institute of Malaysia

I am staying on the main roads in FRIM for now but I want to start some tracking in the future, for an active rest option.  

With the dawn of every new year, I get into some fitness frenzy.  I traverse the net for fitness articles and sometimes they pop into my feed 'miraculously'.

Unfortunately the dedication never lasts. It does not sustain itself for long periods of time. Sometimes not even a month.  But this year I am motivated.  Like really motivated.

It especially helps when you've got a new pair of running shoes.  A gift from my sis for my very early birthday present this year.  My old pair was many years old and probably passed it's run best by date.  I don't run per se ... more like power walk. 

On my Facebook feed my fitness guru Kelly made a very motivational video.  I watched it thrice.  The reasoning she offers are good enough for me.
Last year I bought some sweatshirts ... sewing themed ones.  Thinking it'd inspire me.  That didn't work very long.  I suppose I was looking for an external trigger to get me moving.  Anything.  

I've since realised that it's all in the head.  You have to get your wants and needs in order in your head and then everything will fall in place nicely.

So here's to a healthier more active 2016!


  1. YES! I hope it sticks! It isn't easy, but mindset is the first thing to get right and it sounds like you are there!

  2. New chapter BJ, good luck, might even join you some day. That should get you going.