Friday, 1 January 2016

Re-SEW-lutions 2016!

Embroidery on apron in progress

I know ... it's cliche ... :p

There's so many things that I want to do and even more things that I want to do better.  In my mind the New Year always provides this nice blank sheet, the first page of a book if you will.  What you write on this page will steer the mood and tone of the year ahead.  Sometimes they are only good intentions but what's so wrong about that?! (read my disclaimer).

First up is my grand 2016 My House Tapestry by Tilda project.  Something I've wanted to do since I got the book some years back.  How many years back exactly is not important! ;)  All my fabrics are washed and onward to construction.

The sock that I've knitted thus far.  I think I botched the joining stitches so I am starting over again, but with a shorter leg portion.  That's the beauty of knitting and crochet ... raveling is easy.  A thorough sock guide and pattern by Christine Perry can be found here.

I've agreed to SAL (Stitch-a-Long) with Lillie on an old WIP from 2008.  The Rose Sampler.  I've completed 8 pages, 4 more pages to go.

And then there's the HAL (Hex-a-Long) with JW & MW on the Dilly Bag.  I stopped some months back but it will be revived this year.  I am using the Bionic Gear bag that Jackie W gave me to stuff all my hexagons for this project.

I've laid out a piece of chiffon fabric to be cut into a simple sleeveless top.  I'm learning to work with sheer fabrics.  Let's see how it goes.  It's the famous Sorbetto pattern designed and generously provided free by Colette Patterns.

There are a few quilts I want to make this year.  I am looking for some mindless, effortless piecing. First up would be Lori's Log Cabin Variation.  Her helpful cutting instructions can be found here.

Pic from Lori's blog

And then there's just some simple squares, red and white maybe?

Pic from Pinterest

As for the teaching front their some new developments, still at the discussion stage and some new ideas that's percolating in my head.  So overall a busy and productive 2016!


  1. Very nice to have it written down as I think I could focus better that way. What wonderful projects!!

  2. It's good to have goals but still remain flexible. Life throws unexpected events at us and we just have to re-adjust from time to time. Every autumn I say that I will knit some socks, but I never do and I have a dilly bag to make as well. Let's see what happens in 2016!